Heritage Park Concord

Amusement Park

This is located in Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Concord Group” is the pioneer company in Bangladesh regarding Amusement Park & Entertainment Industry. In 2003 the they planned to build a new park beside “Fantasy Kingdom”-Country’s first theme park. Fantasy kingdom was established at Ashulia, Savar and was operated successfully. This group planned to established the new park not only for amusement but also learning for children.

To fulfill this idea they incorporated replica of Bangladeshi heritage structures in this new park. With these replicas and description depicting beside these structures children will learn about our glorious past along with amusement rides.

Heritage Park Concord

Location: Ashulia, Savar

Following heritage structures were replicated in this park.

Ahsan Manzil, National Assembly Building, Chunakhola Mosque, Sitakot Vihara, Paharpur Vihara, Kantanagar Temple, Puthia Palace, Paharpur Monastry, National Memorial, Sixty-Domed Mosque, Lalbagh Fort (Part), Greek Memorial (Part)
Our vernacular village house was also built here to exhibit our rural culture.