Singnificant Projects

Some of our significant projects

Location: Marina, San Francisco

Ranks Ekannabarti

Multi-Family Apartment Building

“Ekannabarti” bengali word meaning is “Joint-Family”. Before development of this land the landlords were lived here for decades with joint family. So the architect wants to reflect the essence of joint family for create a central gathering space like “Courtyard-Uthan” which surround some joint blocks.

Ruposhi Pro-Active Village

Housing Project

This is located in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh which is a area for upper middle class. Here challenge was to accommodate maximum number of flats to reduce the cost ratio. A central breathing space has been created for social interaction 

Location: Marina, San Francisco

Location: Marina, San Francisco

Reve Savanna City

Condominium Project

This project focus on create enhancing neighborhood for urban apartment life. Now a days urban living has been reducing social values and cultural ethics of traditional bengali community. Architect focus to to create chunk spaces and flow of activities to practice social activity both horizontal and vertical.

Heritage Park Concord

Theme Park Project

This is located in Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka. To give children knowledge about bangladeshi architectural heritage with the fun of Rides this project was originated by Concord Group of Companies. Countries pioneer construction and entertainment company.

Location: Marina, San Francisco

Location: Marina, San Francisco

Shingra Diabetic Hospital

Healthcare Building

This lower 2-storied building is  outpatient department. And others are In-patient departments. In this locality  maximum patients are  elderly people. They came here with their grand-children. 
Architects created a courtyard to ensure plenty of light and ventilation to all blocks. Also makes the courtyard as an amusement space for patients and their grand-childrens.  

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